Hello!  I’m not just any old grumpy, whiny, old man; I’m THE Grumpy, Whiny, Old Man. My blog posts will be taking you on a trip through my world and you will soon see that my rose colored glasses disappeared decades ago.  I freely admit that my perspective will not be yours, so if your feelings are easily bruised you should consider reading no further.  If you do read on, be prepared to think rationally and accept as valid opinions not your own.

That doesn’t mean you have to agree with anything I write, but there will probably be some grumps you’ll agree with or find amusing.  If you disagree and want to say so, just add a comment.

I am a retired sailor and steelworker.  Born and raised in the Midwest, traveled the world where I learned some things about other people, and resettled in the Midwest.  I am neither conservative, liberal, progressive or even moderate.  I have views that encompass all those lables, but none of them is an accurate description of me.

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